Tuesday, May 2, 2017

LPGA Reshuffles 2017 Priority List

The LPGA had its first reshuffle of its Priority List this past week. While most of the players moved up or down a few insignificant spots, there were some very significant moves also.

The Priority List is what is used to fill the required amount of spots for any given tournament. Without me getting into the categories, which is potentially confusing, here is a brief explanation. Most full field events have a field of 144 players. Usually 140 of the players come from the Priority List ranking. Two players are Monday qualifiers, and 2 more are sponsor exemptions. So to keep it simple, if your Priority Rating is #150, you have to hope that 10 players decide not to play, or you are probably not getting into the field.

Image result for Katherine Kirk
Katherine Kirk made the biggest leap (146-88) on the new LPGA Priority List.

The following players made the biggest jumps in last week's reshuffle:
Katherine Kirk - 148 to 88
Amelia Lewis - 142 to 100
Laetitia Beck - 130 to 93
Jeong Eun Lee - 122 to 87
Mel Reid - 127 to 94
Beth Allen - 124 to 92
Angel Yin - 120 to 96
Caroline Hedwall - 115 to 89
Cydney Clanton - 114 to 90

Although the jumps made by the above players look good on paper, it is not that significant as they were playing all full field events anyway.

Image result for aditi ashok
Aditi Ashok made the most important gain on the new Priority List

The following players made the most important gains, and should now be playing in most (if not all) full field events:
Aditi Ashok - 160 to 139
Nicole Broch Larsen - 161 to 147
Mina Harigae - 151 to 141

The following players are not guaranteed to play all full field events, but have a much better chance than before the reshuffle:
Bronte Law - 159 to 150
Emily Tubert - 164 to 153
Sarah Kemp - 365 to 154

The following players got hurt the most and will be seeing less playing time, or no playing time at all:
Belen Mozo - 141 to 151
Christel Boeljon - 147 to 157
Casey Grice - 149 to 155

The following player has been dropped completely from the Priority List:

The LPGA will have its second and final reshuffle of the year in mid June.

This Week's Trivia Question (In case you missed it earlier in the week):

  • I won 3 times as a non LPGA member.
  • I won 3 more times as a rookie
  • I have won 11 times on the LPGA tour
  • I have not only won on the LPGA, but have won on the LET, KLPGA, JLPGA, and the ALPG.
  • If you are a fan of the LPGA and Golf Channel, you probably have NOT seen much of me lately.
  • Who am I?

For the answer to this week's trivia question press here.

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  1. Interesting reshuffle. In some ways, a reset for quite a few players expected to be playing every week.

  2. Sad to see Q Baek drop out of the LPGA, likely to regain her star status on the KLPGA. Had very high hopes for her, but at only 21, she has plenty of time to rebuild back in Korea, and perhaps see her again in a co-sanctioned event in due time.