Thursday, June 16, 2016

LPGA Priority List Reshuffle - Final 2016

The LPGA had its second and final reshuffle of its Priority List this past week. While most of the players moved up or down a few insignificant spots, there were some very significant moves also.

The Priority List is what is used to fill the required amount of spots for any given tournament. Without me getting into the categories, which is potentially confusing, here is a brief explanation. Most full field events have a field of 144 players. Usually 140 of the players come from the Priority List ranking. Two players are Monday qualifiers, and 2 more are sponsor exemptions. So to keep it simple, if your Priority Rating is #150, you have to hope that 10 players decide not to play, or you are probably not getting into the field.

Su Oh jumped up 50 spots.

The following players made the biggest jumps in last week's reshuffle:
Su Oh - 138 to 88
Jing Yan - 137 to 94
Cydney Clanton - 127 to 97
Lindy Duncan - 134 to 98
Tiffany Joh - 113 - 92
Sarah Jane Smith - 117 - 99

Although the jumps made by the above players look good on paper, it is not that significant as they were playing all full field events anyway.

Belen Mozo's jump to #138 should get her into most events.

The following players made the most important gains, and should now be playing in most full field events:
Belen Mozo - 151 to 138
Ashleigh Simon - 164 to 140
Celine Herbin - 150 to 142
Samantha Richdale - 155 to 144
Ssu-Chia Cheng - 159 to 146

The following players are not guaranteed to play all full field events, but have a much better chance than before the reshuffle:
Marissa Steen - 358 to 160
Anne-Catherine Tanguay - 177 to 161
Hannah Collier - 184 to 163
Stephanie Meadow - 357 to 164

The following players took the biggest drops in this week's reshuffle:

Jennifer Johnson - 60 to 117 (lost medical exemption)
P.K. Kongkraphan - 96 to 113
Thidapa Suwannapura - 99 to 115
Simin Feng - 95 to 122
Nontaya Srisawang 97 to 129
Julie Yang - 93 to 130
Joanna Klatten - 92 to 137

Although the drops made by the above players look to be significant, they are really not, as they will probably get to play in most events anyway.

The following players got hurt the most and will likely be seeing less playing time, or no playing time at all:
Giulia Sergas - 140 to 148
Marion Ricardeau - 131 to 150
Stephanie Kono - 141 to 154
SooBin Kim - 143 to 157
Paige Mackenzie - 121 to 404 (lost medical exemption)

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