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LPGA Qualifying School - 2015 - The Final Stage

The Final Stage of the LPGA Qualifying Tournament will be held Wednesday December 2 through Sunday December 6 at LPGA International - Jones & Hills Courses.

There will be 157 players in the field competing to earn LPGA membership for the 2016 season.

Update:  Final Results:

1    Simin Feng                            65-70-69-69-69 - 342 (-18)

2    Grace Na                               70-69-69-72-69 - 349 (-11)
     Budsabakorn Sukapan           68-73-67-71-70 - 349 (-11)

4    Cyna Rodriguez                    71-71-70-67-71 - 350 (-10)
      Maude-Aimee LeBlanc          71-67-72-69-71 - 350 (-10)
 6    Megan Khang                       69-72-68-70-72 - 351 (-9)
      Cydney Clanton                     67-70-69-72-73 - 351 (-9)

8    Ashlan Ramsey                     70-71-69-75-67 - 352 (-8)
      Laetitia Beck                          71-70-70-70-71 - 352 (-8)

10   Nontaya Srisawang              71-73-69-67-73 - 353 (-7)
      Gaby Lopez (a)                     68-72-70-70-73 - 353 (-7)
      Julie Yang                             66-69-72-71-75 - 353 (-7)

13   Cheyenne Woods                71-69-72-73-69 - 354 (-6)
       Sandra Changkija                71-71-68-71-73 - 354 (-6)

15  Holly Clyburn                        72-70-73-71-69 - 355 (-5)
      Bertine Strauss                     69-73-72-70-71 - 355 (-5)
      Lindy Duncan                       70-72-71-71-71 - 355 (-5)
      Pannarat Thanapolboonyaras   70-73-71-69-72 - 355 (-5)

19  Benyapa Niphatsophon        69-70-75-73-69 - 356 (-4)

      Jing Yan                               70-72-72-67-75 - 356 (-4)

Players will rotate between the Jones and Hills courses over the first 4 days. 

There will be a 72 hole cut made after Saturday's round to the top 70 and ties.

Sunday's final round will be played on the Hills course.

All players that finish a minimum of 72 holes will earn a Symetra Tour membership in Category D.

Players who finish in the top 20 will earn category 12 Priority List membership. This means that they will get to play in all full field LPGA tournaments. Players finishing 21-45 will get category 17 membership, which amounts to conditional playing privileges. The players in category 17 usually do not get into many LPGA events and will probably spend most of the 2016 season playing in Symetra Tour events. Charley Hull was the only Category 17 player this year who managed to retain her card and have full time playing privileges in 2016. Jing Yan did retain her card but is going back to Q-School to improve her status. 

Belen Mozo will be going back to Q-School to improve her 2016 Priority Status
Looking back at last year's qualifying class, it was probably the most successful group ever when looking at their accomplishments on the LPGA tour in 2015.  Sei Young Kim was the Louise Suggs Rookie of the Year. She won 3 times and posted 12 top 10 finishes.

Six players from the 2014 Q-School class finished in the top 50 on the 2015 LPGA money list: Sei Young Kim (#4), Ha Na Jang (15), Minjee Lee (16), Alison Lee (23), Ariya Jutanugarn (#35), and Sakura Yokomine (44).

There will be 2 players in the field that are currently ranked in the top 100 of the Rolex Rankings:
1- Nicole Broch Larsen - Currently ranked #75 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2- Holly Clyburn - Currently ranked #90 (Cleethorpes, UK)

There are 27 different countries represented this week including 74 players from the United States, and ten from both Thailand and Canada. There are 83 International players in the field.

The field will include 3 past LPGA champions in Heather Bowie Young, Silvia Cavalieri, and 4 time winner Lori Kane.

Pannarat Thanapolboonyaras of Thailand is the youngest player in the field at 17 years of age. She will not turn 18 until late December. There are also 6 players who turned 18 this year.

There will be sixty-one 2015 LPGA members in the field. They include: Chie Arimura, Victoria Elizabeth, Cindy LaCrosse, Kristy McPherson, Stephanie Meadow, Belen Mozo, and Cheyenne Woods.

Past medalists (finishing in first place) of LPGA Final Stage include: Paula Creamer, Ai Miyazato and Stacy Lewis. Jaye Marie Green won in 2013 with a record breaking score of -25. last year Minjee Lee and Alison Lee were co-medalists.

2015 stage 2 medalist Nelly Korda is not eligible for stage 3. 

Here are my top 10 picks this week:
1- Belen Mozo (Spain)
2- Nicole Broch Larsen (Denmark)
3- Meghan Khang (United States)
4- Jeongeun Lee (South Korea)
5- Doris Chen (United States)
6- Stephanie Meadow (Northers Ireland)
7- Maude Aimee Leblanc - (Canada)
8- Holly Clyburn - (United Kingdom)
9- Cheyenne Woods - (United States)
T10- Madelene Sagstrom (Sweden)
T10- Gaby Lopez - (Mexico)

Be sure to check back here for any updates. I will post results when rounds are completed.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Rating the Rookies - Part 3 - Final Analysis

Let me start by saying that 2015 was a spectacular year for LPGA rookies. I don't think there was ever another one like it. Nineteen of the 33 LPGA rookies will be retaining their playing cards for the 2016 season. That is 57.6%, up from 44.4% in 2014, and only 22.8 % in 2013 when only 8 of 35 players retained their cards.

Below are my ratings for all 2015 LPGA rookies. These ratings are strictly based on how they fared on the LPGA tour this season. Any successes or failures on other tours, excluding the Symetra Tour, are not considered here. Success in retaining their 2015 LPGA playing card was my determining factor for my final ratings.

The Best:
1-  Sei Young Kim - Winner of the Louise Suggs Rolex Rookie of the Year Award. This was somewhat of a surprise as there were other rookies on this list that were ranked ahead of her at the start of the season. We knew she would be good. We didn't know she would be this good. A winner 3 times during the 2015 season, she also had 8 top fives, and 11 top tens. She finished the year #4 on the official LPGA money list.

2- Hyo Joo Kim - She was my pick to win rookie honors. Though it wasn't to be, she finished second and had quite a sensational rookie season. Besides her win of the LPGA Founders Cup, she has 9 top ten finishes, and 17 top twenties. She made the cut in 22 of her 25 starts, and finished #13 on the money list.

3- Brooke Henderson - She wasn't a rookie until she won the Cambia Portland event, and made the decision to join the tour and forfeit her rookie status in 2016. She teed it up just 14 times as both a member and non member in 2015. She had that victory in Portland, 4 top fives and 11 top twenty-five finishes. She only missed one cut. Her earnings of $762,112 would have put her #18 on the money list, which is phenomenal considering she played in just 14 events. Her $54,437 earned per event was topped only by Sei Young Kim on this list.

4- Minjee Lee - Minjee was one of four LPGA rookies to win on the tour this year (joining the above 3). She also had 7 top tens, and made 24 of 29 cuts. She finished the year #16 on the LPGA money list.

5- Ha Na Jang - She did everything this year but win, and she sure had several chances to do that. Her second place finish at last week's CME, was her third one this year. She had 8 top ten finishes, and made 20 of 23 cuts. She finished the year #15 on the money list.

6- Alison Lee - This placement shows everyone just how good the rookies were this year. Three top fives, six top tens, and 11 top twenties, are good enough to win the ROY award most years. Alison made 19 of 23 cuts, and finished #23 on the money list.

Strong Rookie Season:
1- Charley Hull - Because of a poor priority rating, she did not get into many tournaments until the first reshuffle. When she did get her chance, she took full advantage by not missing a cut all year. The highlight of her season was a 4th place finish at the Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship. She had three top tens, and 4 top twenty finishes. Her 60th place ranking on the money list was quite impressive considering the limited amount of starts.

2- Ariya Jutanugarn - Trying to figure out this young lady is just impossible. She finished 11th, 2nd, 3rd, 13th, and 17th in her first 5 tournaments of the year. The next few months were a complete disaster. She had a stretch where she missed 10 consecutive cuts. She seemed to straighten it out late in the year with 2 more top ten finishes. She made the cut 19 of the 31 times she teed it up. Her #35 finish on the money list results in a successful season. Which way she goes from here is anybody's guess.

3- Sakura Yokomine -  She did not quite live up to our expectations, but a strong year nonetheless. Her 5th place finish at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational, her final event of the season, was her biggest highlight. She finished with 2 top tens, and 6 top twenty finishes. She did make 19 of 25 cuts, and finished #44 on the money list.

4- Q-Baek -  Before the season started, many people I talked to ranked her ahead of Sei Young Kim. That player never materialized. She did make the cut in 21 of 27 events, but had only 1 top ten finish all year. Her 9 top twenty finishes tells us she may not be that far away. She finished #57 on the money list.

5- Wei-Ling Hsu - She only had two top twenties all year, but the money kept coming in because she made the cut in all but 3 of her 31 events. So much so, that she finished #60 on the money list. Her ranking of #97 in driving distance does send up a red flag and bears watching.

Consider Them a Success:
1- Min Lee - Her 12th place finish at the U.S. Women's Open was by far the highlight of her season. Another player that knows how to stay inside the cut line, as she was successful 21 of 26 times. She finished #68 on the money list.

2- Kelly Shon - Her 3rd place finish at the ShopRite Classic, not only was her highlight of the year, but probably the only reason she is in this category. She finished #74 on the money list and will still have to prove she belongs here in 2016.

3- Sadena Parks - The former big breaker made just 5 of 16 cuts, and didn't have a finish better than 22nd. She makes this category because she did sneak into the #100 spot on the money list (which is a world of a difference from #101), and will still get a priority rating next year that is better than the successful Q-School players. That will result in her playing in all full field events.

4- Soo Bin Kim - Her 23rd place finish at the ShopRite Classic is what saved her season, thus avoiding going back to Q-School. Still her decision to not go back to Q-School to improve her status next year is a questionable one. Her finish of #103 on the money list doesn't guarantee she will play many events next year. Belen Mozo, who finished #101, is going back to try to improve her position.

Retaining Their Playing Card Thru The Symetra Tour:
1- Casey Grice - Because of a horrible priority rating, she only played in 1 tournament in 2015 and missed the cut. That doesn't matter now as she finished in the top 10 on the Symetra Tour, therefore earning full time playing privileges next year on the LPGA Tour.

They Are Going Back to Q-School:
The following 3 players are going back to Q-school to improve their Priority List status for 2016. They still have a playing card, but did not play well enough to guarantee them many starts in 2016.

1- Laetitia Beck - She made 8 of 14 cuts, with a best finish of 19th at the Manulife Classic. She finished #111 on the money list.

2- Jing Yan - Made 7 of 14 cuts, with a best finish of 11th at the Kingsmill Championship. She finished #112 on the money list.

3- Cheyenne Woods: Making just 8 of 17 cuts, with a best finish of 24th, put her at #125 on the money list.

The following players finished outside the top 125 on the money list, and have lost their playing cards for the 2015 season. They will try to get them back at Q-School next week. (In alphabetical order)

1- Emma De Groot - Made just 1 of 3 cuts and finished #167.
2- Simin Feng - Made just 7 of 18 cuts and finished #135.
3- Celine Herbin - Failed to make the cut in both her starts.
4- Jeong Eun Lee - Made the cut in 2 of 3 starts and finished at #144.
5- Stephanie Meadow - This highly ranked rookie came out of the gate quickly. with a top 20 finish at the ANA Inspiration. Her father then passed away, and she failed to make another cut after that. She finished #131 on money list.
6- Elizabeth Nagel - Made the cut in just 2 of 5 starts and finished at #143.
7- Sophie Popov - Made the cut in 4 of 10 starts and finished #140.
8-Demi Runas - Made just 4 of 18 cuts and finished at #147.
9- Marta Sanz Barrio - Played 4 tournaments, missed 4 cuts.
10- Marissa Steen - Made only 4 of 18 cuts and finished #138.
11- Julie Yang - Made one cut in 12 attempts while finishing #155.

Giving up the LPGA?
The following players have lost their playing cards and have not registered for Q-school.

1- Kendall Dye - Made just 4 of 14 cuts and finished #149.
2- Therese Koelbaek - Made the cut in 2 of 16 events while finishing at #142
3- Ju Young Park - The sister of Hee Young Park had quite a few people rooting for her this year. Unfortunately, although the chances were there, she made just 3 cuts in 13 attempts and finished #139.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that both Therese Koelbaek and Kendall Dye, are late registrants. Koelbaek is now under her new married name of Therese O'Hara.

Be sure to check back here  early next week for my preview of phase 3 Q-School.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stats & Facts Volume 27 - Final 2015

We have come to the close of the 2015 LPGA season. In many ways I think it was the best season ever. Every week we were treated to exciting and competitive tournaments. In fact, there were 7 tournaments that needed a playoff to decide the outcome. There were also 9 tournaments decided by one stroke, and 5 more decided by just 2 strokes. We had winners from 7 different countries. We had the USA make the biggest and most exciting comeback in Solheim Cup history.

Last year I asked "how are they going to top this season." They certainly did! Now I look forward to what is in store in 2016. Commissioner Michael Whan announcing this past week the addition of two tournaments, more TV coverage, and higher purses, certainly gives us all something to look forward to.

The United States flag is proudly held by the victorious USA Solheim Cup Team

On that note I would like to look at some of the most important stats of the 2015 season.

1- Inbee Park - 5 (2 majors)
1- Lydia Ko - 5 (1 major)
3- Sei Young Kim - 3
4- Cristie Kerr - 2
4- Lexi Thompson - 2
4- Na Yeon Choi - 2

Most Top Ten Finishes:
1- Lydia Ko - 17 (71% of the tournaments entered))
2- Inbee Park - 15 (60%)
3- Stacy Lewis - 14 (54%)
4- Lexi Thompson - 13 (54%)
5- Shanshan Feng - 12 (57%)
6- Sei Young Kim - 11 (41%)
7- Suzann Pettersen - 10 (43%)
7- Amy Yang - 10 (43%)
7- So Yeon Ryu - 10 (40%)
7- Anna Nordqvist - (40%)

Most Top Twenty Finishes:
1- Inbee Park - 22
2- Stacy Lewis - 21
3- Lydia Ko - 18
4- Hyo Joo Kim - 17
4- Sei Young Kim - 17
6- Lexi Thompson - 16
6- Shanshan Feng - 16
8- Minjee Lee - 15
8- So Yeon Ryu - 15

Rolex Player of the Year:
1- Lydia Ko - 280 (Wins Hall of Fame Point)
2- Inbee Park - 278
3- Sei Young Kim - 171
4- Lexi Thompson - 146
5- Stacy Lewis - 142

Vare Trophy:
1- Inbee Park - 69.415 (Wins Hall of Fame Point)
2- Lydia Ko - 69,441
3- Stacy Lewis - 69.788
4- Lexi Thompson - 70.011
5- Hyo Joo Kim - 70.144

Official Money:
1- Lydia Ko -  $2,800,802
2- Inbee Park - $2,630,011
3- Stacy Lewis - $1,893,423
4- Sei Yong Kim - 1,820,056
5- Lexi Thompson - $1,763,904

*Race to the CME Globe:
1- Lydia Ko - Wins $1,000,000
2- Inbee Park - Wins $150,000
3- Lexi Thompson - Wins $100,000
* All unofficial money, and does not count on official money list

Louise Suggs Rolex Rookie of the Year:
1- Sei Young Kim - 1,523
2- Hyo Joo - Kim - 1,255
3- Minjee Lee - 1,163
4- Ha Na Jang - 874
5- Alison Lee - 748

Average Driving Distance: (minimum 20 tournaments played)
1- Brittany Lincicome - 269.409
2- Lexi Thompson - 267.636
3- Yani Tseng - 267.148
4- P.K. Kongkraphan - 266.183
5- Carlota Ciganda - 265.297

Greens In Regulation: (minimum 20 tournaments played)
1- Lexi Thompson - 77.2%
2- Lydia Ko - 77.0
3- Anna Nordqvist - 76.3
4- So Yeon Ryu - 75.7
5- Shanshan Feng - 75.2

Putts Per Green in regulation: (minimum 20 tournaments played)
1- Stacy Lewis - 1.738
2- Lydia Ko - 1.744
3- Inbee Park - 1.745
4- Alison Lee - 1.753
5- Amy Yang - 1.754

Most Wins by Country:
1- South Korea - 15
2- *USA - 7
3- New Zealand - 5
4- Four tied with - 1
* USA win of Solheim Cup not included.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

LPGA Announces 2016 Schedule

Commissioner Michael Whan unveiled the 2016 LPGA schedule Friday, and continued its current trend of upward momentum.

The schedule will begin January 25th at the Pure Silk-Bahamas Classic and end November 20th at the CME Group Tour Championship in Naples, Fla.

Here are the highlights:

1- There will be 34 tournaments, including the International Crown. That is two more events than there was in 2015. Notably, the LPGA is not losing a single tournament that was played in 2015. Added to the schedule this year is the new LPGA Volvic Classic, that will be played in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The second addition to the schedule is the return of the former Reignwood Classic, in China.

2- A new record $63.1 million in prize money. That is up 4 million from 2015.

3- Television coverage has been significantly upped from this year, and 6 events in 2016 will benefit from  network TV broadcasting in the United States over the weekend.

4- Because of the Olympic games, the LPGA will be dark from the completion of the British Open on July 31st, until the Canadian Pacific Open which begins on August 22. To make that work, the LPGA will be playing 11 consecutive weeks leading up to the Olympics.

5- The tour renewed 11 sponsor titles this year, including Kia Motors who announced an extension of the Kia classic through 2018. A three year extension of the HSBC Women's Champions in Singapore was also announced two weeks ago.

6- To top it all off, Mr Whan announced a brand new tournament in 2017! The LPGA will be heading to Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Oneida Nation LPGA Classic will be played at Thornberry Creek, a golf course owed by the Oneida Nation on the Oneida Reservation. This will be a full 144 player field with a purse of $2,000,000.

Here is the 2016 LPGA Schedule:

Jan. 28-31: Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic, Paradise Island, Bahamas, $1.4 million (+$100,000 over 2015)
Feb. 3-6: Coates Golf Championship, Ocala, Fla., $1.5 million
Feb. 18-21: ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open, Adelaide, Australia, $1.2 million (+$100,000)
Feb. 25-28: Honda LPGA Thailand, Chonburi, Thailand, $1.5 million (+$100,000)
March 3-6: HSBC Women’s Champions, Singapore, $1.4 million (+$100,000)
March 17-20: JTBC Founders Cup, Phoenix, Ariz., $1.5 million
March 24-27: Kia Classic, Carlsbad, Calif., $1.7 million
March 30-April 3: ANA Inspiration, Rancho Mirage, Calif., $2.5 million (+$100,000)
April 13-16: Lotte Championship pres. by Hershey, Oahu, Hawaii, $1.8 million
April 21-24: Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic, San Francisco, Calif., $2.0 million
April 28-May 1: Volunteers of America North Texas Shootout, Irving, Texas, $1.3 million
May 5-8: Yokohama Tire LPGA Classic, Prattville, Ala., $1.3 million
May 19-22: Kingsmill Championship, Williamsburg, Va., $1.3 million

May 26-29: LPGA Volvik Championship, Ann Arbor, Mich., $1.3 million (NEW)
June 3-5: ShopRite LPGA Classic, Galloway, N.J., $1.5 million
June 11-14: KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, Sammamish, Wash., $3.5 million
June 16-19: Meijer LPGA Classic, Belmont, Mich., $2 million (+$200,000)
June 23-26: Walmart NW Arkansas Championship, Rogers, Ark., $2 million
June 30-July 3: Cambia Portland Classic, Portland, Ore., $1.3 million
July 7-10: U.S. Women’s Open, San Martin, Calif., $4 million
July 14-17: Marathon Classic, Sylvania, Ohio, $1.5 million
July 21-24: UL International Crown, Chicago, Ill.
July 28-31: Ricoh Women’s British Open, Milton Keynes, England, $3 million
Aug. 18-21: Olympic Women’s Golf Tournament, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Aug. 25-28: Canadian Pacific Women’s Open, Calgary, Canada, $2.25 million
Sept. 1-4: Manulife LPGA Classic, Cambridge, Ontario, $1.6 million (+$100,000)
Sept. 10-13: The Evian Championship, Evian-les-Bains, France, $3.25 million
Sept. 29-Oct. 2: China, TBD, $2.1 million (NEW)
Oct. 6-9: Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, $2 million
Oct. 13-16: LPGA KEB HanaBank Championship, Incheon, South Korea, $2 million
Oct. 20-23: Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship, Taipei, Taiwan, $2 million
Oct. 27-30: Blue Bay LPGA, Hainan Island, China, $2 million
Nov. 3-6: Toto Japan Classic, Shima-Shi, Japan, $1.5 million (+$200,000)
Nov. 10-13: Lorena Ochoa Invitational, Mexico City, $1 million
Nov. 17-20: CME Group Tour Championship, Naples, Fla., $2 million

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

CME Group Tour Championship Preview & Pairings

Congratulations go out to Inbee Park for winning the Lorena Ochoa Invitational by 3 strokes over Carlota Ciganda. It was Inbee's 5th win of the season.

This week the LPGA moves to the state of Florida for the playing of the CME Group Tour Championship. This is the final tournament on the 2015 schedule. Many of you may remember last year's exciting finish when in a 3 way playoff, Lydia Ko came out victorious over Carlota Ciganda and Julieta Granada. Lydia not only won the $500,000 first prize, but also won the "Race to the CME Globe" bonus of 1 million dollars!

Lydia Ko holds up both trophies she won last year at this event
This will be tournament #31 of 31 on the LPGA's 2015 schedule.

Here are the key details:
Course:  Tiburon Golf Club
Location:  Naples, Florida
Defending Champion:  Lydia Ko
Winning Score:  71-71-68-68 = 278 (-10)

Final Field: 71 players
Par:  36/36 = 72
Yardage:  6,540
Purse:  $2,000,000

My strength of field rating is a very solid 75%. The only reason that number is not higher is that this is a limited field of just 71 players, and therefore lacks depth. But make no mistake about it, this is a major championship field. All the top name players are here.

Here are the pairings for round #1:

Here are this week's television times:
GC Thursday, November 19, 4:00 - 6:30PM ET
GC Friday, November 20, 4:00 - 6:30PM ET
GC Saturday, November 21, 4:00 - 6:30PM ET
ABC Sunday, November 22, 2:00 - 4:00PM ET

Once again the GC coverage is tape delayed. When the coverage starts on Thursday through Saturday, the tournament will already have been completed. For those who are scoreboard watchers and still want to see the TV broadcast, I would advise you to stop looking at the scores when the "Inbee Group" finishes the front 9. That is where the coverage on GC should begin. I am assuming the Sunday coverage on ABC is live. 

Here are my picks for this week's tournament:
1- Lydia Ko
2- Inbee Park
3- Stacy Lewis
4- Shanshan Feng
5- Suzann Pettersen
6- Sei Young Kim
7- So Yeon Ryu
8- Lexi Thompson
9- Hyo Joo Kim
10- Amy Yang
11- Minjee Lee
12- Anna Nordqvist
My solid picking this year has me in 2nd place among the 20 participants.

Other Tidbits:
It will not just be the 1 million dollars that are on the line this week, but all the major awards are still up for grabs. Lydia Ko currently leads the official money list, but could be passed by Inbee Park. Two Hall of Fame points are up for grabs also this week. Both Lydia Ko (currently with a slim 3 point lead) and Inbee Park will be fighting it out for the Player of the Year, while the Vare trophy's Hall of fame point will either go to Inbee or Lydia also. Inbee currently holds a slim lead there. Inbee Park needs just one more point to have the 27 needed for Hall of Fame entry. She also needs to play one more season to have put in the 10 years that are required. 

Chella Choi is the only LPGA player to play in all 31 tournaments this year.

Rolex Movers of the Week:
Carlota Ciganda leaps up from #61 to #52.

Race to the CME Globe:  (1 million dollars)
Lydia Ko, Inbee Park, and Stacy Lewis, are the only players that are guaranteed the 1 million dollars this week with a victory. Any player in the top 9 can win the big prize, but will need plenty of help to do so.

Who's Hot:
Suzanne Pettersen has registered four consecutive top 10 finishes. Jaye Marie Green has very quietly put together a very solid second half. She has 3 top ten finishes, and 5 top twenties, in her last 8 starts.

Who's Not:
No one that played in Mexico this past week is in any kind of a slump.

Here are the Final Results:

1Cristie Kerr-17F
2Gerina Piller-16F
2Ha-Na Jang-16F
4Lexi Thompson-14F
5Karine Icher-13F
6Inbee Park-12F
7Sydnee Michaels-11F
7Minjee Lee-11F
7Amy Yang-11F
7Lydia Ko-11F
11Jennifer Song-10F
11Brittany Lincicome-10F
13Brooke Mackenzie Henderson-9F
14Xi Yu Lin-8F
14Austin Ernst-8F
14Hee Young Park-8F
14Suzann Pettersen-8F
14Stacy Lewis-8F
14Ai Miyazato-8F
20Ryann O'Toole-7F
20Eun-Hee Ji-7F
20In-Kyung Kim-7F
20Jenny Shin-7F

Be sure to check back here daily for any LPGA news or updates.They will be posted here at the bottom of this blog.  Links to all Women's Tour scoreboards can be found at the top of this page.
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