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Rolex Rankings Movers of the Year 2014 - Final

As we wait for the 2015 season to begin (we are about three weeks away), it gives me a little time to look back at the players that made the biggest moves in the Rolex Rankings in 2014.

The Rolex Rankings system awards points to players based on an accumulated 104-week "rolling" period, with the points awarded in the most recent 13-week period carrying a stronger value. A player is then ranked according to her average points per tournament, as determined by dividing her total number of points by the number of eligible tournaments played during the 104 week period. A minimum divisor (35) is also used.

I have gone back to the first Rolex Rankings of the year and compared them to the current rankings. The only requirements for my list is: (1) A player must have been ranked in the top 100 at the start of the year, or be in the top 100 now. (2) A player must have started the year 2014 with a minimum rating of 0.50 (or else this chart would be filled with unknown names.)

Michelle Wie made the biggest move in the Rolex Rankings in 2014

The Year's Biggest Gainers:
1-   Michelle Wie - 1.77 to 6.39 = Gain of 4.62 (moved from #61 to #6)
2-   Kyu Jung Baek - 0.53 to 4.93 = Gain of 4.40 (move 205 to 11)
3-   Hyo-Joo Kim - 3.08 to 6.07 = Gain of 2.99 (move 24 to 8)
4-   Mirim Lee - 1.23 to 3.99 = Gain of 2.76 (move 87 to 16)
5-   Lydia Ko - 7.38 to 9.80 = Gain of 2.42 (move 4 to 2)
6-   Christina Kim - 0.58 to 2.18 = Gain of 1.60 (move 189 to 53)
7-   In Gee Chun - 1.94 to 3.53 = Gain of 1.59 (move 58 to 20)
8-   Julieta Granada - 1.09 to 2.68 Gain of 1.59 (move 105 to 35)
9-   Anna Nordqvist - 3.04 to 4.61 = Gain of 1.57 (move 26 to 12)
10- Azahara Munoz - 2.73 to 4.17 = Gain of 1.54 (move 31 to 14)
11- Mo Martin - 1.21 to 2.74 = Gain of 1.53 (move 89 to 33)
12- Charley Hull - 1.12 to 2.61 = Gain of 1.49 (move 103 to 38)
13- Brittany Lincicome - 2.28 to 3.68 = Gain of 1.40 (move 46 to 18)
14- Jung Min Lee - 1.54 to 2.74 = Gain of 1.20 (move 71 to 31)
15- Yoo-Kyung Heo - 1.59 to 2.74 = Gain of 1.18 (move 68 to 32)
16- Mi Jung Hur - 0.74 to 1.83 = Gain of 1.09 (move 157 to 64)
17- Sun Ju Ahn - 2.99 to 4.02 = Gain of 1.03 (move 27 to 15)
18- Line Vedel - 0.60 to 1.61 = Gain of 1.01 (move 179 to 71)

Former #1, Ai Miyazato, fell out of the top 100

The Year's Biggest Decliners:
1-   Suzann Pettersen - 10.25 to 7.02 = Loss of 3.24 (move from #2 to #4)
2-   Ai Miyazato - 3.56 to 1.12 = Loss of 2.44 (move 21 to 104)
3-   Mika Miyazato - 3.54 to 1.40 = Loss of 2.14 (move 22 to 82)
4-   Na Yeon Choi - 5.63 to 3.79 = Loss of 1.84 (move from 7 to 17)
5-   Beatriz Recari - 3.72 to 1.91 = Loss of 1.81 (move from 19 to 61)
6-   I.K. Kim - 4.55 to 2.82 = Loss of 1.73 (move 10 to 29)
7-   Ariya Jutanugarn - 2.76 to 1.15 = Loss of 1.61 (move 29 to 105)
8-   Catriona Mathhew - 4.45 to 2.90 = Loss of 1.55 (move 11 to 28)
9-   Hee Young Park - 3.75 to 2.29 = Loss of 1.46 (move 18 to 48)
10- Miki Saiki - 2.32 to 0.94 = Loss of 1.38 (move 44 to 127)
11- Jiyai Shin - 3.96 to 2.65 = Loss of 1.31 (move 16 to 36)
12- Hee Kyung Seo - 2.41 to 1.14 = Loss of 1.27 (move 43 to 103)
13- Yani Tseng - 2.62 to 1.39 = Loss of 1.23 (move 35 to 83)
13- Mamaika Higa - 2.15 to 0.92 = Loss of 1.23 (move 49 to 130)
15- Caroline Hedwall - 3.30 to 2.08 = Loss of 1.22 (move 23 to 55)
16- Mi Jeong Jeon - 2.13 to 0.97 = Loss of 1.16 (move 50 to 126)
17- Chie Arimura - 1.65 to 0.56 = Loss of 1.09 (move 66 to 203)

One last note-- I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2015.
Let's play lots of golf and keep supporting the great ladies of the LPGA, and the other women's tours.

I would also like to give a round of applause to the Constructivist over at Mostly Harmless, Bankokbobby at Fairways and Forehands, and Mike Southern at Ruthless Golf for keeping the LPGA, and women's golf in general, in the news. I always look forward to reading your next blogs. I also want to thank Dave Andrews at PopsandSunshine, for all his great comments and views.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

How Well Were My Pre-Season Questions Answered?

Way back in January, before the LPGA season began, I listed 10 questions that I hoped would be answered this year.

Below I have shown those questions again. Let's see how well those questions were answered:

1- Can Inbee Park hold on to the world's #1 ranking?

She lost it pretty early in the season, but regained it with a very strong second half. 

2- Can anyone really challenge Lydia Ko for the rookie of the year award?

No one did. Although Mirim Lee tried her best, winning two tournaments.

3- Is Lexi Thompson ready to join the big three (Inbee, Stacy, Suzann), and make it the big four?

No. She did win her first major, but that was her only win in a very inconsistent year. Lydia Ko replaced Suzanne in the big three.

4-  Will one or more of the following players: Chella Choi, Caroline Hedwall, Carlotta Ciganda, Gerina Piller, break through and get that highly anticipated first LPGA victory?

Although there were a number of players that broke through for their first career victories, none of the above were able to accomplish that.

5-  Can Yani Tseng break the free fall she's been in during the past year and a half, and return to something that at least resembles her previous form?

No. Yani hasn't even come close to her old form. In fact she is not even ranked in the top 80 in the world.

 6-  Can Gerina Piller, Pornanong Phatlum, and Lizette Salas follow up their breakthrough seasons and take it to the next level?

Lizette won her first LPGA tournament in 2014, and Pornanong was consistently good all year. Gerina did not improve on her 2013 finish.

7-  Can top Japanese players Ai Miyazato, Mika Miyazato, Chie Arimura, and Momoko Ueda bounce back from what may have been their poorest seasons ever? (Momoko has stated she may not play many LPGA events.)

It was an awful year for Japanese players in 2014. Ai, Mika, and Chie had seasons they hope to forget. Momoko quit the LPGA tour. 

8-  Is Beatriz Recari really the best of the young Spaniards (Ciganda, Munoz, Mozo), or did she just have a career year?

At this point it looks like she may have had a career year. She did not resemble the same golfer she was in 2013. Azahara had the best year of the four.

9- What effect will Paula Creamer's recent engagement (if any), have on her 2014 season? Will she get that elusive 10th win?

Part of the above question was answered, she did get that 10th win. However her 2014 season was not a good one when compared to the high standards she has set for herself. Now married...........

10- Can the American team shake off two consecutive Solheim Cup defeats and make a better showing at the International Crown?

Spain won the 2014 International Crown. The United States, along with the other co-favorite South Korea, did not play well. 

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Surprises & Disappointments - Final 2014

With the 2014 season in the books, I would like to look back at the players who were the biggest surprises and biggest disappointments of the 2014 season.

Michelle Wie was my Biggest Surprise of the 2014 Season

Biggest Surprises:

1- Michelle Wie - We waited for a long time for this to happen. So long, that most of us thought it might never happen at all. Well it did! In spite of missing a chunk of the season with an injury, she still managed to win twice (including the U.S. Open), have 9 top five finishes, and 13 top tens. Last year she finished #41 on the money list, this year she finished #4.

2- Mirim Lee - All the talk was about Lydia Ko this year, and in my opinion Mirim was overlooked. All she did was win twice in her rookie season, have 4 top tens, and 11 top twenty finishes. Her 14th place finish on the money list deserves to be noticed.

3- Julieta Granada - She really came into her own in 2014 with 3 top five finishes, 8 top tens, and 14 top twenties. She also improved her money list finish from # 55 last year to #18 this year. 

4- Ihlee Lee - You will not find her big improvement by comparing her numbers to last year. Her 2013 numbers were padded by a 36 hole win in the Bahamas, otherwise it was not a very good year. This year started horribly with no top 20 finishes in her first 18 starts, but then she caught fire and was one of the most consistent players on tour. In her next 10 tournaments she would have 5 top tens and 9 top 20 twenty finishes.

5- Brittany Lincicome - Brittany had a poor 2013 season, and had a very poor first half of 2014. Many thought that the end was near. That certainly didn't turn out to be the case as she had 3 top fives, and 5 top tens in her last 8 starts. 

6- M.J. Hur - Nobody has really paid attention to MJ in quite some time. She hadn't played very well for a number of years. That all changed in the second half of the 2014 season, when she was as hot as any player on tour. She not only won, but had 2 top fives, 3 top tens, and 5 top twenties. She finished #30 on the money list, up from # 75 last year.

7- Lydia Ko - Why do I have her this far down the list? It is because I think that some of us really weren't that surprised that she won 3 times and had 15 top ten finishes. That said, how can I leave off a rookie that finished in the #3 position.

8- Jenny Shin - Even though she tailed off some in the second half, it did not tarnish the fact that this was her best year on tour. With 6 top tens, and 14 top twenties, she climbed all the way up to #21 on the money list this year.

9- Kim Kaufman - Before the year started, many people wrote in listing their top rookie picks of the year. With so many good rookies, nobody, including myself, had Kim on their list. In spite of not playing the first one third of the season, she had 2 top fives, 3 top tens, and 5 top twenty finishes. With many fewer starts than most players ahead of her, she still managed to finish #58 on the money list.

10- Mi Hyang Lee - With all the Lee's on tour (see Mirim and Ilhee above), her comeback season didn't get much attention. Lost was the fact that she not only won, but had 4 top tens, and 8 top twenty finishes. Last year she finished #92 on the money list. This year she finished #31.

Honorable Mentions - Austin Ernst and Line Vedel.

Ai Miyazato was the biggest disappointment of 2014

Biggest Disappointments:

1- Ai Miyazato - Ai had an off year in 2013 finishing all the way down at #27 on the money list. We all thought she would bounce back in 2014. We were all wrong. It is hard to explain the dramatic fall she took this year, except to say that she did not have a single top ten finish all year. Her fall to #86 on the money list explains it even better.

2- Mika Miyazato - She had almost the same year as Ai did. Mika failed to have a single top twenty finish the entire season. She dropped on the money list from #36 to #91.

3- I.K. Kim - I.K. did not show up for many tournaments in 2014, playing in just 18 of a possible 32. When she did show up, she just didn't play that well. Managing just 2 top ten finishes, she fell from her #7 money list finish last year, to #48 this year.

4- Beatriz Recari - Beatriz had a breakout season in 2013 when she won twice. We expected a small drop this year, but got a big one. With only one top ten all year, she dropped from #8 last year to #53 on the money list this year.

5- Chie Arimura - She came onto the LPGA with high expectations, but has not lived up to them thus far. She had just one top 20 finish all year, and went back to Q-School where she missed the cut. She finished #106 on the money list.

6- Sun Young Yoo - Once one of the better players in the world, she just didn't show up in 2014. In 25 starts she had just one top ten, while finishing outside the top 25 eighteen times. She fell way back to #61 on the money list.

7- Amy Yang - Amy didn't have a terrible year, she just had a terrible year based on her standards. Although she had 4 top tens, she didn't contend very often, and fell all the way down to #25 on the money list.

8- Hee Young Park - In 29 starts this year, she managed just 2 top tens. Last year she finished #10 on the money list, this year #40.

9- Caroline Hedwall - Maybe if we didn't see her win all 5 of her matches at the last Solheim Cup, our expectations might have been lower. Still, just one top ten all year? She was #14 on last year's money list, and # 46 this year.

10- Jennifer Johnson - Jennifer was disappointed in 2013 when she was not picked for the Solheim Cup Team. With just one top ten in 25 starts in 2014, she is going to have to play much better than that to be considered in 2015. She finished all the way back at #57 on this year's money list.

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Looking Back At My 2014 Predictions. Did I Get It Right?

The 2014 LPGA season was full of surprises. We had 21 different winners. We had 8 multiple winners. Two winners were non LPGA members. We also had winners that came from 7 different countries. We had seven first time winners. It was a year that was almost impossible to predict, although I did give it a try.

Way back in January, before the season began, I made my predictions of who I thought would be the top players of 2014. I put it out there for the whole world to see. Let's see how I did:

  1. Stacy Lewis - She won every major award possible. She was the top money winner of 2014. She won the Rolex Player of the Year, and won the Vare trophy. Needless to say, I got this one correct.
  2. Suzann Pettersen - Suzann finished the 2013 season very strongly and figured to have a big 2014.  Back problems slowed her down for a part of the year, and she never seemed to get on track. She did not have a win, but did finish #11 on the money list.
  3. Lydia Ko - Predicting a rookie to finish #3 is usually not the thing to do. But this rookie was a really special one. She easily won the  Rolex Rookie of the Year Award, and made me look great by finishing #3 on the money list.
  4. Inbee Park - Inbee had a terrific year winning three times. She missed out on all the major awards on the last day of the season, finishing #2 on the money list.
  5. Lexi Thompson - After finishing #7 in 2013, I figured a step up was in the making. She started quick when she won the first Major Championship of the year, and the first of her career. She had an up & down second half, which resulted in her finishing #12 on the money list.
  6. Shanshan Feng - Shanshan seemed to be in contention all year long, but managed just one win. You can high five me on this one as she did finish #6.
  7. Na Yeon Choi - Never seemed to be the threat to win that she was in past years. She wound up finishing #13 on the money list, leaving us wondering about next year.
  8. So Yeon Ryu - Always dangerous, and almost always in contention in 2014, she finished #5.
  9. Jessica Korda - Jessica won twice in 2014, so why do I feel like she didn't have that great a year? It was because she contended very few times. Her 16th place finish on the money list, although the best of her young career, is not that impressive for a multiple winner.
  10. Paula Creamer - Just four top tens?  She usually has that many by March. That 75 foot putt she sank to win in Singapore, which gave her win #10, sure saved her season. Has she fully healed from her hand injury? Has all those years on tour started to take its toll? Has she been distracted because of her impending marriage? Still one of the most popular players in the history of the women's game, we will have to wait until next year to see if her #22 money list finish was just a fluke. 
  11. I.K. Kim - She just never seemed to show up all year, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. She only showed up for 18 tournaments, and wasn't much of a factor when she did tee it up, finishing #48 on the money list.
  12. Chella Choi -  How could it possibly be that Chella has not yet won an LPGA event? She had 10 top ten finishes and 20 top twenties. It will come soon and when it does she will improve on her 10th place money list finish.
  13. Beatriz Recari - I was way off on this one. After finishing #6 on the money list in 2013, I figured she would take a dip. I didn't think she would fall all the way to #53.
  14. Amy Yang - Amy didn't contend nearly as much as I would have thought she would. She finished in the #25 spot.
  15. Hee Young Park - With her sister on tour with her this year, maybe she can better her #40.
  16. Pornanong Phatlum - Another player who seems to contend weekly but never win. I was close though, as she finished #20.
  17. Caroline Hedwall - I seem to rate her much too high every year. Maybe she is not as good as I think she is. She finished in the #46 spot.
  18. Gerina Piller - Still looking for that first victory, she took a step back this year finishing #39.
  19. Lizette Salas - She did get her first win this year, but didn't contend enough. I was close to her actual finish at #24.
  20. Carlotta Ciganda - Has as much talent as anyone on tour, but never seems to be able to put it all together. She finished at #44.
  21. Karrie Webb - Karrie does this to me every year. She finished #8.
  22. Ai Miyazato - I don't feel too bad about this one because nobody could have predicted such a complete meltdown. You thought her #40 finish in 2013 was a bad year? She finished the year without a top ten, and wound up #86 on the money list.
  23. Anna Nordqvist - She started out real strong with two quick wins, then cooled off the rest of the season. Those wins were good enough for a 7th place finish on the money list.
  24. Angela Stanford - It was a typical Angela season as she finished in the #19 spot.
  25. Cristie Kerr - Christie didn't win in 2014, but her #15 finish was higher than Korda who won twice. She still has something left in the tank.
  26. Jodi Ewert-Shadoff -  Took 2 steps backward this past season as shown by her #52 finish.
  27. Karine Icher - Was close on this one as she finished in the #33 spot.
  28. Michelle Wie - Every year I predicted her to break out and she always disappointed me and made me look foolish. This year I gave in, and gave up on my high expectations of her. Of course she made me look foolish, finishing in the #4 spot.
  29. Morgan Pressel - Came on strong the last part of the season and finished in the #35 spot.
  30. Azahara Munoz - It was a big bounce back year for Azahara as she earned over 1 million dollars. Even though she is still looking for that first stroke play win, she was solid enough to finish at #9.
There you have it. Although it wasn't a complete disaster, I have had better years. I will be posting my predictions for the 2015 season very shortly.

Other Tidbits:
Now that the results of the Final Phase of Qualifying Tournament are known, it is going to be one hell of race for rookie of the year in 2015.

You have heard me say that the 2014 rookie crop was the best in quite sometime. The 2015 rookies might be the best ever! It will include 8 players that already ranked in the top 100 in the world.
Here they are listed according to their world ranking:

Hyo Joo Kim - Rolex Ranked #9 (Winner on LPGA Tour in 2014)
Kyu Ju Baek - #11 (Winner on LPGA Tour in 2014)
Ha Na Jang - #25
Charley Hull - #37
Sei Young Kim #40
Sakura Yokomine #44
Minjee Lee - #82
Ariya Jutanugarn - 91
Although there will be quite a number of American rookies in 2015, none of them are on the above list.

Laetitia Beck is the first Israeli to earn an LPGA playing card. 

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LPGA Qualifying School: The Final Stage

The Final Stage of the LPGA Qualifying Tournament will be held Wednesday December 3 through Sunday December 7 at LPGA International - Jones & Hills Courses.

There will be 154 players in the field competing to earn LPGA membership for the 2015 season.

Update - Monday 12/8/14

Karlin Beck made a 75 foot chip shot on the 5th playoff hole of the day and the 11th in total, dating back to Sunday night, to earn the final Category 12 LPGA Card. Casey Grice was eliminated on the 10th playoff hole, and Stephanie Meadow was eliminated by Beck's chip shot on the 11th playoff hole.

Both Meadow and Grice have earned Category 17 LPGA Cards. Grice was the first round leader. Meadow, who finished third in the 2014 U.S. Open, figures to get a number of sponsor exemptions. She will have ample opportunities to improve her status during the LPGA reshuffles. 

Update - Sunday 12/7/14

Believe it or not, they have finished 5 rounds and 90 holes and it is still not over!
When 90 holes were completed there were 7 players tied for the 18th spot. Only 3 players of those 7 can get a fully exempt category 12 playing card, so they went to a 3 hole playoff. After that playoff only one player was eliminated, so on and on they went. After a few more playoff holes, 2 more players got in, leaving 3 players fighting for one spot. Of course it got dark. They will continue tomorrow morning.

Here is the list of the 19 players that have earned full time playing privileges in 2015:
1- Allison Lee -10
1- Mingee Lee -10
3- Ariya Jutanugarn - 9
3- Maria Hernandez - 9
5- Ryann O'Toole -8
6- Simin Feng - 7
6- Ha Na Jang -7 (Incredibly, she shot an 80 today and still got in)
9- Kelly Shon - 6
9- Nanette Hill -6
11- Cheyenne Woods - -5
11- Therese Koelbaek -5
11- Perrine Delacour -5
11- So Be Kim -5
11- Sakura Yokomine -5
11- Sofia Popov -5
11- Ju Young Park -5
18- Laetitea Beck -4 (Got in via playoff)
18- Garrett Philips -4 (Got in via playoff)

Here are the 3 players that will be fighting it out for the last spot tomorrow:
18- Karlin Beck -4
18- Stephanie Meadow -4
18- Casey Grice -4

Here are the players that have earned a category 17 LPGA card. They will have limited opportunities to get into playing fields next year. The players at the top of this list should get a few opportunities to get into the playing fields and will have to make the most of them to get reshuffled into a better position (like Kim Kaufman did in 2014). The players at the end of this list will have little or no opportunities to play this year on the LPGA Tour, and will probably be playing mostly Symetra Tour events.

21- Loser of the above playoff
22- Loser of the above playoff
23- Julie Yang (a) - Lost playoff
24- Jacqui Concolino - Lost playoff
25- Nontaya Srisawang -3
25- Daniella Iacobelli -3
25- Louise Stahle -3
28- ***Charley Hull -2
28- Natalie Sheary -2
28- Jeong Eun Lee -2
28- Rebecca Lee Bentham -2
28- Jean Reynolds -2
28- Lindy Duncan -2
34- Jing Yan (a) -1
35- Paolo Morena -Even
35- Victoria Elizabeth -Even
35- Celine Herbin -Even
35- Emma de Groot -Even
35- Jennifer Gleason -Even
35- Sophie Giquel -Even
35- Elizabeth Nagel -Even
35- Caroline Westrup -Even
43- Katy Harris +1
43- Marta Sanz Barrio +1
43- Giulia Molinaro +1

*** Charley Hull is the exception to my above explanation of category 17 playing opportunities.
Because of her "bigger than life" persona, and her status on the Ladies European Tour, Charley will get into quite a few tournaments this year. In addition to the normal amount of events she would get into because of her placement, expect her to get 6 more sponsor exemptions. In addition she has already qualified for several events based on her 2014 play.
 With all these opportunities, expect her to reshuffle into full time status very quickly.

Other notables that failed to earn there cards today, in addition to the players I listed yesterday.

52- Veronica Felibert +3
52- Kathleen Ekey +3
58- Emily Talley +4
64- Maude-Aimee Leblanc +5
64- Birdie Kim +5

Check back tomorrow for the playoff result. 

Update - Saturday 12/6/14 (Completion of round 4 of 5)

Ha Na Jang shot a 68 today to take a 3 stroke lead after the fourth round. She finished at 15 under par. Maria Hernandez is in second place at -12.

Other Notable scores:
Mingee Lee -11 (3rd place)
Alison Lee, Ju Young Park -10 (4th place)
Sei Young Kim, Sakura Yokomine - (9th place)
Stephanie Meadow - 7 (14th place)
Ryann O'Toole -6 (17th)
Jean Reynolds -4 (25th)
Cheyenne Woods, Rebecca Lee Bentham -3 (32nd place)
Emily Talley -2 (38th place)
Kathleen Ekey -1 (44th place)
Victoria Elizabeth -Even (54th place)
Veronica Felibert +1 (58th place)
Charley Hull, Maude-Aimee Leblanc +2 (68th place)

The following players were among the bigger named players that missed the 72 hole cut and will not be receiving a 2015 LPGA playing card.

Lori Kane +8
Sylvia Cavalleri +9
Valentine Derrey, Vicky Hurst +10
Chie Arimura +13
Madison Pressel, CindyLaCrosse +15

Madison Pressel (R) will be trying to join her sister Morgan on the LPGA Tour

Players who finish in the top 20 will earn category 12 Priority List membership. This means that they will get to play in all full field LPGA tournaments. Players finishing 21-45 will get category 17 membership, which amounts to conditional playing privileges. The players in category 17 usually do not get into many LPGA events and will probably spend most of the 2015 season playing in Symetra Tour events. Only 3 category 17 players managed to retain their cards this year (Kim Kaufman, Joanna Klatten, and Lee Anne Pace) as a result of their LPGA accomplishments.

There will be a cut on Saturday after 72 holes are completed. The top 70 and ties will advance to the final round on Sunday.

There are just four ways that a player earned entry into the field this week:
  • By finishing in the top 80 of qualifying School phase 2.
  • By finishing 11-30 on the 2014 Symetra Tour money list.
  • If they are currently ranked in the top 40 of the Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings.
  • Had 2014 LPGA Tour membership.
This will be one of the strongest fields in history, as it will include 3 players who are ranked in the top 40 in the world, and 3 players who have posted a top 10 finish on the LPGA in 2014.

Three Players in the Top 40 of the Rolex Rankings:
  1. Ha Na Jang - Currently at #25 in the Rolex Rankings, She finished in a tie for third at the 2014 Evian Championship.
  2. Charley Hull - Currently #37 in the Rolex Rankings, she finished tied for third at the Airbus LPGA Classic, and tied for 7th at the Kraft Nabisco Championship.
  3. Sei Young Kim - Currently #43 in the Rolex Rankings, she played 5 LPGA events in 2014, but failed to finish higher than 40th place.
Sakura Yokomine (44), Minjee Lee (82), Ariya Jutanugarn (91), and Valentine Derrey (100) are also ranked in the top 100 in the world rankings.

The following players who are in the field, have previously won on the LPGA Tour.
  1. Lori Kane - Lori won  four times during the 2000 LPGA season.
  2. Birdie Kim - She won the 2005 U.S. Women's Open Championship.
  3. Sylvia Cavalleri - She won the 2007 Corona Championship
Other Notable Players in the Field:
  1. Stephanie Meadow - She finished third at the 2014 U.S. Women's Open Championship, and is trying to become the first LPGA member from Northern Ireland.
  2. Cheyenne Woods - She was a winner this year on the Ladies Europeon Tour. She failed in her attempt to get her card last year when she missed the 72 hole cut.
  3. Alison Lee - She was the WGCA Freshman of the year at UCLA. She also had the lowest scoring average (71.02) in the country. She finished 4th at stage one, and solo 2nd at stage 2.
Three Players Trying to Join Their Sisters on LPGA Tour:
  1. Madison Pressel - Will be trying to join her sister Morgan.
  2. Ariya Jutanugarn - Hoping to join sister Moriya on the LPGA Tour.
  3. Ju Young Park - She will be attempting to play beside her sister (Hee Young).
Past medalists (finishing in first place) of LPGA Final Stage include: Paula Creamer, Ai Miyazato and Stacy Lewis. Jaye Marie Green was the 2013 winner, with a record breaking score of -25.

Other Facts & Figures:

There will be fifty-one 2014 LPGA Tour members in the field. They include players such as Ryann O'Toole, Kathleen, Ekey, Vicky Hurst, Cindy LaCrosse, and Veronica Felibert, who are trying to regain their playing cards.

There will be 54 Symetra Tour players in the field.

Their will be 32 countries represented this week including the United States.

The state of Florida has 16 players teeing it up.

There will be 12 amateurs in the field.

Lori Kane's 99 top ten finishes on the LPGA tour is the most (by far) of any 2014 Q-School participant. 

Here are the pairings for the first round.

Be sure to check back here for any updates. I will post results when rounds are completed.

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