Saturday, December 28, 2013

How Well Were My Pre-Season Questions Answered.

Way back in January, before the LPGA season began, I listed 10 questions that I hoped would be answered this year.

Below I have shown those questions again. Let's see how well those questions were answered:

1-  Can Stacy Lewis repeat as Player of the Year?
Well we got a definitive answer on that one. The answer was no. Not that she didn't give it a great try. Stacy won three times, including the British Open, which was played at the Old Course at the prestigious St. Andrews Links. She also led the tour with 19 top ten finishes. That may have been enough to repeat in many other years. It just wasn't enough in 2013.

2-  Can an American finally win a Major Championship after being shut out last year?

As mentioned above, Stacy Lewis won a Major Championship.

3-  Can Ai Miyazato finally break through and win a Major Championship?

Ai Miazato did not break through and win her first Major Championship in 2013. In fact, she had quite a poor season, by her standards, and failed to win at all.

 4-  Can Yani Tseng, who has seen her lead as the #1 player in the world shrink from 9.47 points to just 1.20 points, hold on to the top position?

The answer to this question is a resounding no! Not only did she fail to hold onto #1, but as of this writing is struggling to hold on to a top 30 position.

5-  Can the United States win back the Solheim Cup?

Well, I, Uh....On to the next question.

 6-  Can Moriya Jutanugarn (who finished tied for first in the LPGA Q-School finale), and younger sister Ariya Jutanugarn (who won Q-School on the L.E.T), both win Rookie of the Year on their respective tours?

Moriya, in spite of a poor second half of the season, held up her end. Unfortunately, a serious early season injury kept Ariya from competing, and Charley Hull walked away with the award.

7-  Will the trend of established stars from other tours winning the Rookie of the Year award continue (Chie Arimura will certainly be the favorite), or will someone else step up and surprise us?

No. Although the Rookie of the Year Award once again was not won by an American golfer, the winner, Moriya Jutanugarn was not an established star from another tour.

8-  Can Lexi Thompson, who moved up 16 places in 2012 to her current #23 world ranking, take it to the next level and compete week in and week out with the elite players of the LPGA tour?

Yes. Lexi certainly did take it to the next level in 2013, winning twice late in the season and moving up 14 more spots to #9 in the world. 

 9-  Will Paula Creamer finally get back into the winner's circle, and hold up a trophy for the first time since winning the U.S. Open in 2010?

No Paula did not win in the 2013 season. She did get a very special trophy though, in the way of a ring on the second finger of her left hand. 

10- Can Morgan Pressel, who had a horrible second half of the season, bounce back and get enough points to make the Solheim Cup team?

Morgan did indeed bounce back in 2013. Although she still didn't have a year quite up to her standards, she did make the Solheim Cup Team.

Tune in after the first of the year, as I will be asking ten more questions that I hope will be answered in 2014.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Natalie Gulbis Ties the Knot

It has been a big week for LPGA announcements. Just a few days after Paula Creamer announced her engagement, Natalie Gulbis has gotten married.

The 29 year old Gulbis was married yesterday to former Yale quarterback Josh Rodarmel.

Here are some photos of the happy event:

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Surprises & Disappointments - Final 2013

Back in July I sat down here and wrote who I thought were my Biggest Surprises & Disappointments of the 2013 season. The LPGA had only played 15 of the 28 tournaments on the schedule at that point, a lot has changed since then. Now that the season has ended, it is time to take a final look.

Biggest Surprises:

1- Lydia Ko - How can somebody this young be so good? Lydia defended her Canadian Open Title in 2013 at the tender age of 16. She also finished 2nd at the Evian Championship, 3rd at the Australian Open, 4th at the Walmart Championship, 7th at the Marathon Classic, and 9th at the Lotte Championship. She did all of that making just 10 LPGA starts.

 2-Beatriz Recari - Beatriz really stepped up to the next level in 2013. Although she did get her maiden victory in 2012, few expected this much of an improvement. Beatriz won twice in 2013, had 4 top 5 finishes, 9 top tens, and 14 top twenties. She finished #32 on the 2012 money list, and jumped all the way up to #8 this year.

3- Inbee Park - Wasn't sure if I should include her on this list. You ask why? It's because she did finish #1 on the money list in 2012, so finishing #1 again isn't so surprising. She also had a big drop-off in the second half of the season. She had more top tens last year than she did this year. Then I thought about the 3 consecutive Major Championship wins, that was sure a surprise. Just not a surprise enough to put her #1.

4- Lexi Thompson - I know she has always had the "can't miss" label attached to her. But haven't we seen that attached to other golfers who have never lived up to it? Lexi has improved each season, but this season at the age of eighteen, took it to another level, moving from #21 on the 2012 money list to #6 in 2013. She finished the year with 8 straight top 20 finishes. Two of those were victories, and 4 were top tens. She had 7 top tens in all.

5- Lizette Salas - Lizette has snuck up on us very quickly. In 2013 she posted 6 top ten finishes, which was good enough to move her from last year's #55, to this year's #15 on the money list.

6- Pornanong Phatlum - She kept getting better as the year went by. She did everything but win on the LPGA Tour (she did win on the L.E.T. recently). She was #55 on the money list last year, but her 4 top fives and 7 top tens led her to a #23 finish this year.

7- Jodi Ewart-Shadoff - I expected this a year sooner, but she arrived in 2013. This lady has one of the sweetest swings in the game, and proved it this year with 6 top tens, and 11 top twenty finishes. She jumped up this year from #56 to #29 on the money list.

8- Gerina Piller - You could see this starting to develop in the second half of 2012. In 2013 she finished in the top ten 8 times. She ended the season on a high note, with a 2nd place finish at the CME Titleholders. She jumped from last year's #48 to this year's #26 on the money list.

9- Jessica Korda - An injured wrist is the only reason she isn't way up on this list. She was unable to play in consecutive weeks most of the second half of the season, limiting her to 6 top 10 finishes. Even with all the time on the sidelines, Jessica still improved her money list standing from #41 to #25. If she is healthy next year watch out!

Biggest Disappointments:

1- Yani Tseng - This one was easy. Yani started the year the number one player in the Rolex Rankings. She is now battling to stay in the top 30. In her last 22 starts, she managed only 2 top ten finishes, while finishing out of the top forty 13 times. She was #4 on the 2012 money list, and #38 this year.

2- Ai Miyazato - At the start of the season who could have possibly guessed that these two great players would be listed this high? My only concern about Ai, was when she would win that first Major Championship. Only 2 top tens in 21 starts, now brings about other concerns. Last year's #5 player on the money list, was this year's #27.

3- Vicky Hurst - Vicky came out of the Symetra Tour with high expectations that she would win early on in her career. She has not lived up to those expectations. This year brought a total collapse.
In 25 starts, Vicky, failed to register a single top 10 finish. She also missed 8 cuts. Her money list fall was dramatic, as she fell from #35 to #74.

4- Momoko Ueda - It is hard to make this list two year's running, but Momoko did. Last year she fell from #34 to #58 on the money list. This year she fell from #58 to #88. How bad was it? She did not have a top 25 finish all year.

5- Brittany Lang - With her maiden victory last year and her engagement to be married, it looked like this might be a big year for Brittany. It wasn't. Brittany played in all 28 tournaments this year, and had just 1 top ten. Her 6 missed cuts led to her drop from #24 to #42 on the money list.

6- Candie Kung - I am pretty sure that I watched every round of golf that was televised this year, and I don't ever remember seeing Candie hit a single shot. In fact in her last 22 starts she failed to have a top 10 finish, while failing to make the top forty, 17 times. She dropped from #28 to #54 on the money list.

7- Hee Kyung Seo - It wasn't a terrible season for the "Model of the Fairways," but we all expected big things from her this year. Her 3 top tens in 22 starts was definitely a step and a half backwards.
Finishing #22 on the 2012 money list, she slipped back to #33.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Paula Creamer Announces Her Engagement!

Paula Creamer broke the hearts of many young men today with the announcement of  her engagement. Paula, arguably the most popular player on the LPGA Tour, made the big announcement via Twitter early this morning.

The LPGA superstar is the winner of nine tournaments, including the 2010 United States Open at Oakmont. She has also been part of the last 5 Solheim Cup teams, where she has posted a splendid 12-6-5 record.  

My wife and I have had the pleasure of meeting Paula's fiancĂ© Derek and his parents, at the incredible St. Andrews Golf Club. She could not be marrying into a nicer family.

Here are some photo's of the happy couple:

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Friday, December 13, 2013

My 2013 Predictions. Did I Get it Right?

The 2013 season was full of surprises. We had 15 different winners. We had 6 multiple winners. We had winners from 8 different countries. We had four first time winners. The player that started the year #1 in the world, is now #32. We had a non LPGA player defend a title. It certainly was a crazy year. It was a year that was almost impossible to predict, although I did give it a try.

Way back in January, before the season began, I made my predictions of who I thought would be the top 30 golfers of 2013. I put it out there for the whole world to see. Let's take a look at how I did:

  1. Inbee Park - I had a strong feeling that this would be her year. I couldn't have imagined that she would win three major championships. She finished #1 on the money list and made me look good.
  2. Seo Yeon Ryu - She didn't win in 2013, but she contended very often. Often enough to finish #5 on the money list and keep me looking good.
  3. Stacy Lewis - She was the Rolex Player of the Year in 2012. I expected a small drop, and that is exactly what I got, as she did finish #3 on the money list, making me look brilliant.
  4. Yani Tseng - Ok. Before you laugh at this pick, can any one of my readers say that they expected this? She started the year #1 in the Rolex Rankings, and I did expect a drop. What I didn't expect was for her to be #38 on the money list.
  5. Jiyai Shin - I guess I didn't do too well here. The "Final Round Queen," was never really in contention in the final round. After winning the first tournament of the year, she faded to #22 on the LPGA money list.
  6. Na Yeon Choi - She often contended but never won. Still I was very close as she finished #9 on the money list.
  7. Suzann Pettersen - Last year she finished #9 on the money list and I expected improvement. She certainly did that, winning 4 times and finishing #2 on the money list.
  8. Ai Miyazato - Coming into this year my only concern was if she was going to get that first major championship victory. The year ended with me wondering if she will ever win again. Her collapse wasn't quite Yani, but her 28th place finish on the money list made me look bad.
  9. Shanshan Feng - She finished #10 in 2012, and I expected a slight improvement. Her improvement was more than slight as she rose all the way to #4.
  10. Paula Creamer - I'm usually pretty good in picking where Paula will finish, and this year was no exception. Her 17 top twenty finishes accounted for her #11 finish. Paula always seems to get a nice share of the purse, so why do I feel like she had such a poor year?
  11. Azahara Munoz - Maybe I should have only shown you my top ten. After finishing #8 on last year's list, I expected a small drop. What we got was a major tumble. She finished all the way down at #31.
  12. Mika Miyazato - If your name was Miyazato, you certainly have made me look bad. Mika finished #11 in 2012, and when I made these predictions I said, "I thought she hit her ceiling."  I didn't think she would drop all the way down to the floor. She fell all the way to #36.
  13. Lexi Thompson - I expected a big improvement this year. I was certainly on the right track as she improved from her #21 finish in 2012, to #6.
  14. Amy Yang - It was a mixed season for Amy. She did not play all that well for most of the year, but did get her first LPGA victory towards the end of the season. Even with that victory, she fell 5 places on the money list to #18.
  15. Karrie Webb - Her 13th place finish makes this a real nice pick.
  16. Cristie Kerr - Ditto for this one, as she finished #19.
  17. Chella Choi - I'm on fire now, she finished exactly at #17.
  18. Angela Stanford - I was a bit off here, she finished #12. Now if she could only make a Solheim putt!
  19. Brittany Lincicome - Brittany never seemed to get out of the gate in 2013. She finished #32.
  20. Sun Young Yoo - After a real good 2012 where she finished #17, I figured her to slip a bit. Her 39th place finish made me look awful.
  21. I.K. Kim - After dropping all the way to #26 in 2012, I expected a better year. She certainly had that. I.K. finished the year at #7.
  22. Sandra Gal - It was like two different years for Sandra in 2013. Nothing went right for her the first two thirds of the season. She turned it around and never finished out of the top 30 in her last nine. She wound up finishing at #35.
  23. Anna Nordqvist - One of my better picks in this area of the list, she finished at #20.
  24. Chie Arimura - I said earlier that if the name was Miyazato, it made me look bad. I should have said that if you were from Japan, you made me look foolish this year. My pick for Rookie of the Year not only made me look bad there, but  also here as she finished #61 on the money list.
  25. Hee Kyung Seo - The "Model of the Fairways" slipped a bit in 2013, falling from last year's #22 to this year's #33.
  26. Brittany Lang - After breaking through the previous year with her maiden victory, I expected better results. Finishing #42 was a disappointment.
  27. Carlotta Ciganda - I was a bit optimistic here, but in my defense, I expected her to play more tournaments on the LPGA tour than she did. Even though she sat out nine times, she still managed to finish #40.
  28. Se Ri Pak - Another player that didn't play much, and probably will cool it down even more in the future. Missing ten tournaments, this Hall of Famer still finished at #34.
  29. Danielle Kang - It's picks like my final two, that have me wondering why I am even showing you this. This two time Amateur Champion is supposed to be a star, not finish #57.  She gets a full pass from  me though, as she has had to play distracted by her father's very serious illness.
  30. Sydnee Michaels - I have to admit I sometimes predict with my heart and not my head. One of my favorite players on tour, her ball striking abilities will eventually have to improve her #84 2013 finish.
There you have it. I don't think I did that bad. There is certainly room for improvement, and I will be posting my top 30 for 2014 very soon.     

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

International Crown - Players Still Fighting for Spots

When the 2013 LPGA season came to an end, so did the race for qualifying for the inaugural International Crown that will be played in 2014. Well, sort of anyway. The countries will no longer be vying for position, as that part of the qualifying process has come to an end. The 8 countries are now set. They are as follows:

1- South Korea
2- United States
3- Japan
4- Spain
5- Thailand
6- Sweden
7- Chinese Taipei
8- Australia

So now all we have to do is wait until the tournament is played next year?
No, not so quick.
LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan has made sure that we'll still have to pay close attention next year, by keeping the battle for the players representing the above countries open.

Over the course of the next four months, players who hail from the eight qualifying countries will continue to battle for positioning on their respective teams based on their position in the Rolex World Rankings.  Final country rosters from the pre-qualified countries – and their final team seeding for the event - will be announced on Monday, March 31st at the Kraft Nabisco Championship. 

Here is how it stacks up as of today, with Rolex Ranking in parenthesis.

South Korea - Would be #1 seed with total of 23.
Inbee Park (1)
Na Yeon Choi (7)
So Yeon Ryu (5)
I.K. Kim (10)
On the outside looking in:
Jiyai Shin (14)
Amy Yang (15)
Hee Young Park (17)
This team will certainly be favored to win.

United States - #2 seed, total 37
Stacy Lewis (3)
Lexi Thompson (9)
Cristie Kerr (12)
Paula Creamer (13)
On the outside:
Angela Stanford (16)
Lizette Salas (20)
Gerina Piller (36)
Jessica Korda (39)
Can you imagine this team without Paula or Cristie? They must watch their backs as that is a real possibility. The young guns are coming quickly.

Japan - #3 seed, total 110
Ai Miyazato  (18)
Mika Miyazato  (21)
Sakura Yokomine  (34)
Rikako Morita (37)
On the outside:
Miki Saiki (43)
Mamika Higa (50)
Shiho Oyama (51)
Yumika Yoshida (52)
Chie Arimura (62)
I see a real dogfight here that will not be decided until the very end.

Spain - #4 seed, total 258
Beatriz Recari - (19)
Azahara Munoz (30)
Carlotta Ciganda (41)
Belen Mozo (168)
On the outside:
Mireya Prats (249)
A real dark horse team. If Belen ever starts to live up to her expectations, watch out!

Thailand - #5 seed, total 284
Ariya Jutanugarn (32)
Pornanong Phatlum (38)
Moriya Jutanugarn - (87)
Thidapa Suwannapura - (127)
On the outside:
Onnarin Sattayabanphot - (141)
This team needs a healthy Ariya to compete.

Sweden - #6 seed, total 310
Caroline Hedwall (23)
Anna Nordqvist (26)
Pernilla Lindberg (117)
Mikela Parmlid (144)
On the outside:
Karin Sjodin (174)
Linda Wessberg (214)
Caroline went 5-0-0 in the Solheim Cup, so who knows.

Chinese Taipei - #7 seed, total 339
Yani Tseng (29)
Teresa Lu (56)
Candie Kung (89)
Hsuan-Yu Yao (165)
On the outside:
Jun-Jye Wei (205)
With Yani becoming "just another player," this team doesn't look as strong as the six above.

Australia - #8 seed, total 351
Karrie Webb (8)
Katherine Hull-Kirk (102)
Stacey Keating (115)
Lindsey Wright (126)
On the outside:
Rebecca Artis (156)
Sarah Jane Smith (185)
I don't see this team as a threat, but stranger things have happened.

Although the 8 countries competing have been set, the seeding can still change.

I will keep everyone updated as we get closer to the cut off date.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LPGA Qualifying School Preview & Pairings

The LPGA completed its 2013 schedule a couple of weeks ago, but one of its most important events, the final phase of Qualifying School, will take place this week.

Here are the key details:

Course:  Jones & Hill Courses
Location:  Daytona Beach, Fl.
Last Year's Winners:  Rebecca Lee-Bentham & Moriya Jutanugarn (tie)
Winning Scores:  Lee Bentham - 69-75-67-69-67 = 347 (-13) Jutanugarn - 68-66-69-70-74 = 347
Final Field: 154 players

Here are the first round pairings:
Here are the second round pairings:
Here are the third round pairings:

Of the 154 entries, 27 different countries will be represented along with 30 different states.

All of these players will be fighting to finish in the top 20, and receive a category 12 playing card.
That category will get them into all full field events, and they are not subject to the 2 LPGA reshuffles that take place during the season, meaning they will have full time status all year long.

Players that finish 21-45 will also receive an LPGA card, but it will be a category 17. That category means you will get very few opportunities, if any, to get into LPGA events. They will be playing mostly on the Symetra Tour, trying to finish in that top 10, to retain their playing cards. Category 17 is subject to the LPGA reshuffles. Only one of the 25 category 17 players, Katie Burnett, made enough money on the LPGA tour this past season to retain their card.

The tournament will be played on two courses over 5 days. Ninety holes will be played, with a cut to the top 70 players after round four.
Some of the more interesting players who will be playing include:

Cheyenne Woods - The niece of Tiger Woods made headlines last year when she qualified for the 2012 U.S. Women’s Open, and played as a sponsor’s exemption at the 2012 Wegmans LPGA Championship.

Taylor Collins -  Winner of the big break earlier this year.

Jaye Marie Green - Runner up to Lydia Ko, for the 2012 U.S. Amateur  Championship.

Maude Aimee Leblanc - One of the longest hitters on the LPGA tour,  she has played very little because of a serious back problem.

Lee-Anne Pace - Perhaps the Ladies European Tour's most consistent player. She has finished 2nd, 7th, 5th, and 1st on that tour's money list the last 4 years.

Kathleen Ekey - She finished the dreaded #101 on the LPGA money list in 2013. Although her current status will get her into most LPGA events next year, she will be trying to improve her status and avoid any reshuffles.

Louise Friberg - She retired a few years back. She will be giving it another try.

Lori Kane - Without a doubt Canada's most popular player, Lori will be trying to extend her LPGA career.

Tiffany Joh - One of the nicest and most popular players on tour, Tiffany will be giving it another shot.

Amy Anderson - This 21 year old former North Dakota State star won the 2nd stage of Q-School. She also won a record 20 college titles.

Here are the Final Results:
1-Jaye Marie Green -29
2-Mi Rim Lee -19
3- Tiffany Joh -15
4- Amy Anderson -14
5- Jennifer Kirby -12
6- Seon Hwa Lee -11
7- Kathleen Ekey -10
7- Megan Grehan -10
9- Erica Popson -8
9- Maria Hernandez -8
9- Line Vedel-8
9- Xiyu Lin-8

Check back here for continued updates.

Here is the link to the live scoring.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Rating the Rookies Part 3 - Final Analysis

First let me say that this has not been a very good year for LPGA rookies. In fact, it may be the poorest in quite some time.

There were 35 rookies who started the 2013 season with lots of hope of establishing themselves. The sad fact is, that only 8 of them retained their playing cards as a result of their 2013 performance on the LPGA tour. That's right, just 22.8%. That is down from 36.3% last year, when 12 of 33 rookies retained their playing cards. Three other players retained their playing cards because of their play on the Symetra Tour this year, and 2 did in 2012.

Below are my final ratings for all 2013 rookies. These ratings are strictly based on how they fared on the LPGA tour this season. Any successes or failures on other tours (excluding the Symetra Tour), are not considered here. Success in retaining their LPGA tour cards was the determining factor for my final ratings.

The Best:
1- Moriya Jutanugarn - The 2013 Rookie of the Year had a very good start to the 2013 season, then faded very badly in the second half. In 24 starts she had just 1 top ten finish, and that was in her first tournament of the year. She finished #47 on the money list.

2- Caroline Masson - Caroline seemed to have the Rookie of the Year award all sewn up, until she broke her thumb and lost it by the narrowest of margins. In 22 starts she has 2 top tens, and 6 top 20 finishes. She finished # 48 on the money list.

3- Ayaka Uehara - Ayaka could very easily have won the Rookie of the Year award if she bothered to show up to more LPGA events. Of all the 2013 rookies, she easily won the most money per event entered. She only played in 16 of a possible 28 events, and still managed to finish #58 on the money list.

Consider Them a Success:
4- Chie Arimura -  Chie was my pre-season Rookie of the Year pick. Although she was never in danger of losing her card, Chie was my biggest rookie disappointment of the year.
In 20 starts she had 3 top ten finishes, but missed seven cuts. She failed to even register a top 50 finish in her last 7 starts. She finished #130 on tour in driving distance and 85th in putting average, not a great combination. Still, she managed to finish #61 on the money list. 

5- Austin Ernst - In 23 starts, Austin had 2 top ten finishes and missed 10 cuts. She did not come into the season with the expectations of the 4 names above her, but easily retained her card by finishing #72 on the money list.

6- Lisa McCloskey - In 20 starts this year she did not have a top ten finish. What she did have going for her is she did receive a paycheck in 14 of those starts, enabling her to finish # 78 on the money list. 

Just Barely Good Enough:
7- Brooke Pancake - Known mostly because of her very unique last name, Brooke was a very popular player on tour in 2013. Unfortunately, she didn't have a very good season. At one point she actually missed 9 cuts in 10 tournaments. Overall she made just 6 of 17 possible cuts. Fortunately, she had a 13th place finish at the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship that saved her season. She just squeaked in at #98 on the money list, and retained her full time playing privileges for next year.

8- Katie Burnett - A very poor Priority Rating at the beginning of the year prevented her from getting into any tournaments. When she finally got her chance she made the most of it with a 12th place finish at the Kingsmill Championship. That finish enabled her to better her Priority Rating on first LPGA re-shuffle, and managed to get into 11 tournaments. Missing only 4 cuts, she finished #99 on the money list and retained her full time card by the narrowest of margins.

Note: The top 100 finishes on the LPGA money list retain their playing privileges and will play in most full field events. They will not be effected by any Priority List reshuffles. If you finish 101-125, although you don't lose your card, you are not guaranteed as many starts. If you're #101 (Kathleen Ekey this year) you are still pretty safe, #125 will be playing the Symetra tour more than the LPGA. Numbers 101-125 are also subject to the Priority List reshuffle, which the LPGA has twice a year, where you can improve your position if you play well.

Retaining Their Card Through the Symetra Tour:
Although the LPGA gives out several cards after the final stage of Qualifying School, if you are not a top 20 finisher it is almost like not getting a card at all. You will find yourself playing on the Symetra Tour, hoping to finish in the top 10 on that money list to get a full time LPGA card. That was the case with the following 3 players.

1- Sue Kim - Sue did manage to get seven LPGA starts, but only made one cut. Her finish of #140 on the LPGA money list meant she would have lost her card had she not finished #6 on the Symetra Tour.

2- Marina Alex - Playing in just 3 LPGA tournaments, Marina didn't make a single penny. Her third place finish on the Symetra Tour means she will not only keep her card, but will be playing full time next year.

3- Perrine Delacour - Her 8th place finish on the Symetra Tour money list will enable her to play full time on the LPGA next year. She only played one LPGA event this year, and missed the cut.

They Are Going Back to Qualifying School:
The following players failed to finish in the top 125 on the money list (except the one noted player), and have lost their playing cards for 2014. They have all registered for stage 3 of Qualifying School which will be played December 4th through December 8th. There are 154 registered players who will be fighting for those top 20 spots.

Julia Boland - She is the one player on this list who technically has not lost her playing card. Knowing her #122 finish on the money list will get her very few starts, she has registered for Q-School.
Daniela Iacobelli - Made only 2 of 15 cuts. Finished #130 on money list.
Sara-Maude Juneau - Made 4 of 15 cuts. Finished #131 on money list.
Lauren Doughtie - Made 3 of 15 cuts. Finished #133 on money list.
Paz Echeverria - Made just 2 of 9 cuts. Finished #134 on money list.
Frances Bondad - Missed all 6 cuts.
Esther Choe - Missed all 11 cuts.
Brianna Do - Missed the cut in her only appearance.
Breanna Elliot - Made 2 of 7 cuts. Finished #141 on money list.
Victoria Elizabeth - Made just 1 of 12 cuts. Finished #154 on money list.
Marita Enzelius - Missed all 4 cuts.
Jordan Hardy - Missed her only cut.
Kelly Jacques - Made just 1 cut in 5 starts. Finished #156 on money list.
Taylore Karl - Made just 1 of 14 cuts. Finished #155 on money list.
Jiayun Li - Missed cut in the 2 tournaments she played in. Finished # 156 on money list.
Alejandra Llaneza - Failed to make any official money in her 3 starts.
Haley Milsap - Missed all 3 cuts.
Stephanie Na - Missed both her cuts.
Garrett Phillips - Missed the cut in her only event.
Nicole Smith - Number 1 in driving distance on tour didn't help. Finished #150 on money list.
Marina Stuetz - Judy Rankin's pick for R.O.Y. didn't make a cut in 11 tournaments.

Giving Up LPGA?
Felicity Johnson - Already a star on the L.E.T., Felicity had a miserable rookie year on the LPGA. She missed 11 cuts in 17 starts and finished #114 on the money list. Although she will still have a card, she doesn't figure to get many starts in 2014. She did not register for Q-School, so my best guess is she may be playing mostly in Europe again next year.

Kayla Mortellaro - She did make 11 starts, but missed 8 cuts. Her #143 finish on the LPGA means she lost her card. She did not register for Q-School.