Friday, December 13, 2013

My 2013 Predictions. Did I Get it Right?

The 2013 season was full of surprises. We had 15 different winners. We had 6 multiple winners. We had winners from 8 different countries. We had four first time winners. The player that started the year #1 in the world, is now #32. We had a non LPGA player defend a title. It certainly was a crazy year. It was a year that was almost impossible to predict, although I did give it a try.

Way back in January, before the season began, I made my predictions of who I thought would be the top 30 golfers of 2013. I put it out there for the whole world to see. Let's take a look at how I did:

  1. Inbee Park - I had a strong feeling that this would be her year. I couldn't have imagined that she would win three major championships. She finished #1 on the money list and made me look good.
  2. Seo Yeon Ryu - She didn't win in 2013, but she contended very often. Often enough to finish #5 on the money list and keep me looking good.
  3. Stacy Lewis - She was the Rolex Player of the Year in 2012. I expected a small drop, and that is exactly what I got, as she did finish #3 on the money list, making me look brilliant.
  4. Yani Tseng - Ok. Before you laugh at this pick, can any one of my readers say that they expected this? She started the year #1 in the Rolex Rankings, and I did expect a drop. What I didn't expect was for her to be #38 on the money list.
  5. Jiyai Shin - I guess I didn't do too well here. The "Final Round Queen," was never really in contention in the final round. After winning the first tournament of the year, she faded to #22 on the LPGA money list.
  6. Na Yeon Choi - She often contended but never won. Still I was very close as she finished #9 on the money list.
  7. Suzann Pettersen - Last year she finished #9 on the money list and I expected improvement. She certainly did that, winning 4 times and finishing #2 on the money list.
  8. Ai Miyazato - Coming into this year my only concern was if she was going to get that first major championship victory. The year ended with me wondering if she will ever win again. Her collapse wasn't quite Yani, but her 28th place finish on the money list made me look bad.
  9. Shanshan Feng - She finished #10 in 2012, and I expected a slight improvement. Her improvement was more than slight as she rose all the way to #4.
  10. Paula Creamer - I'm usually pretty good in picking where Paula will finish, and this year was no exception. Her 17 top twenty finishes accounted for her #11 finish. Paula always seems to get a nice share of the purse, so why do I feel like she had such a poor year?
  11. Azahara Munoz - Maybe I should have only shown you my top ten. After finishing #8 on last year's list, I expected a small drop. What we got was a major tumble. She finished all the way down at #31.
  12. Mika Miyazato - If your name was Miyazato, you certainly have made me look bad. Mika finished #11 in 2012, and when I made these predictions I said, "I thought she hit her ceiling."  I didn't think she would drop all the way down to the floor. She fell all the way to #36.
  13. Lexi Thompson - I expected a big improvement this year. I was certainly on the right track as she improved from her #21 finish in 2012, to #6.
  14. Amy Yang - It was a mixed season for Amy. She did not play all that well for most of the year, but did get her first LPGA victory towards the end of the season. Even with that victory, she fell 5 places on the money list to #18.
  15. Karrie Webb - Her 13th place finish makes this a real nice pick.
  16. Cristie Kerr - Ditto for this one, as she finished #19.
  17. Chella Choi - I'm on fire now, she finished exactly at #17.
  18. Angela Stanford - I was a bit off here, she finished #12. Now if she could only make a Solheim putt!
  19. Brittany Lincicome - Brittany never seemed to get out of the gate in 2013. She finished #32.
  20. Sun Young Yoo - After a real good 2012 where she finished #17, I figured her to slip a bit. Her 39th place finish made me look awful.
  21. I.K. Kim - After dropping all the way to #26 in 2012, I expected a better year. She certainly had that. I.K. finished the year at #7.
  22. Sandra Gal - It was like two different years for Sandra in 2013. Nothing went right for her the first two thirds of the season. She turned it around and never finished out of the top 30 in her last nine. She wound up finishing at #35.
  23. Anna Nordqvist - One of my better picks in this area of the list, she finished at #20.
  24. Chie Arimura - I said earlier that if the name was Miyazato, it made me look bad. I should have said that if you were from Japan, you made me look foolish this year. My pick for Rookie of the Year not only made me look bad there, but  also here as she finished #61 on the money list.
  25. Hee Kyung Seo - The "Model of the Fairways" slipped a bit in 2013, falling from last year's #22 to this year's #33.
  26. Brittany Lang - After breaking through the previous year with her maiden victory, I expected better results. Finishing #42 was a disappointment.
  27. Carlotta Ciganda - I was a bit optimistic here, but in my defense, I expected her to play more tournaments on the LPGA tour than she did. Even though she sat out nine times, she still managed to finish #40.
  28. Se Ri Pak - Another player that didn't play much, and probably will cool it down even more in the future. Missing ten tournaments, this Hall of Famer still finished at #34.
  29. Danielle Kang - It's picks like my final two, that have me wondering why I am even showing you this. This two time Amateur Champion is supposed to be a star, not finish #57.  She gets a full pass from  me though, as she has had to play distracted by her father's very serious illness.
  30. Sydnee Michaels - I have to admit I sometimes predict with my heart and not my head. One of my favorite players on tour, her ball striking abilities will eventually have to improve her #84 2013 finish.
There you have it. I don't think I did that bad. There is certainly room for improvement, and I will be posting my top 30 for 2014 very soon.     

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  1. Great picks! Enjoyed reading it! Job well done tony! :D