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Rolex Rankings Movers of the Year 2013 - Part 2

While we wait for the LPGA to return from a two week break, it gives us some time to step back and discuss some of the other things going on in the golf world. For some interesting news on Lydia Ko, I suggest you check out Ruthless Golf, and for a preview of this weekend's JLPGA tournament I would check out Mostly Harmless.

 Now that we have completed about 3/4 of the LPGA season, I would like to look at the players that have made the biggest leaps, and taken the biggest falls in the Rolex Rankings this year.

The Rolex Rankings system awards points to players based on an accumulated 104-week "rolling" period, with the points awarded in the most recent 13-week period carrying a stronger value.
A player is then ranked according to her average points per tournament, as determined by dividing her total number of points by the number of eligible tournaments played during the 104-week period. A minimum divisor (35) is also used.

I have gone back to the first Rolex Rankings of the year and compared them to the current rankings. The only requirement for my list is that a player must have been ranked in the top 100 at the start of the year, or be in the top 100 now. 

The Year's Biggest Gainers:
1- Lydia Ko - 2.40 to 7.41 = Gain of 5.01 (moved from #43 to #5)
2- Inbee Park - 8.03 to 12.53 = Gain of 4.50 (move 4 to 1)
3- Suzann Pettersen - 7.04 to 10.72 = Gain of 3.68 (move 6 to 2)
4- Lizette Salas - 1.47 to 4.74 = Gain of 3.27 (move 89 to 14)
5- Ariya Jutanugarn - 0.54 to 3.52 = Gain of 2.98 (move 236 to 23)
6- Beatriz Recari - 1.89 to 4.19 = Gain of 2.30 (move 57 to 18)
7- Hee Young Park - 2.62 to 4.44 = Gain of 1.82 (move 37 to 17)
8- Mamiko Higa - 0.68 to 2.34 = Gain of 1.66 (move 195 to 47)
9- Jessica Korda - 1.61 to 3.22 = Gain of 1.61 (move 78 to 27)
10- Sei Young Kim - 0.70 to 2.25 = Gain of 1.55 (move 189 to 51)
11- Jodi Ewart Shadoff - 1.00 to 2.48 = Gain of 1.48 (move 137 to 42)
12- Stacy Lewis -8.39 to 9.85 = Gain of 1.46 (move 3 to 3)
13- I.K. Kim - 4.28 to 5.64 = Gain of 1.36 (move 22 to 9)
14- Karrie Webb - 4.88 to 6.11 = Gain of 1.23 (move 17 to 7)
15- Ilhee Lee - 1.52 to 2.67 = Gain of 1.15 (move 84 to 37)

The Year's Biggest Decliners:
1- Yani Tseng - 10.58 to 4.19 = Loss of 6.39 (moved from #1 to #19)
2- Chie Arimura - 4.53 to 2.39 = Loss of 2.14 (move 20 to 46)
3- Ji-Hee Lee - 3.79 to 1.76 = Loss of 2.03 (move 25 to 65)
4- Azahara Munoz - 4.98 to 2.96 = Loss of 2.02 (move 16 to 32)
5- Sun Ju Ahn - 5.15 to 3.24 = Loss of 1.91 (move 13 to 26)
6- Amy Yang - 5.01 to 3.20 = Loss of 1.81 (move 15 to 28)
7- Brittany Lincicome - 4.60 to 2.80 = Loss of 1.80 (move 18 to 34)
8- Ai Miyazato - 6.54 to 4.75 = Loss of 1.79 (move 9 to 15)
9- Mika Miyazato - 5.80 to 4.15 = Loss of 1.65 (move 10 to 20)
10- Na Yeon Choi - 9.08 to 7.45 = Loss of 1.63 (move 2 to 4)
11- Shanshan Feng - 7.27 to 5.67 = Loss of 1.60 (move 5 to 8)
12- Jiyai Shin - 6.63 to 5.10 = Loss of 1.53 (move 8 to 13)
13- Sun Young Yoo - 4.08 to 2.57 = Loss of 1.51 (move 23 to 40)
14- Brittany Lang - 3.51 to 2.13 = Loss of 1.38 (move 29 to 54)
15- Mi-Jeong Jeon 4.34 to 3.10 = Loss of 1.24 (move 21 to 30)

Note: Lydia Ko has played in just 23 tournaments over the 104 week period. As stated above, her points are divided by a minimum of 35 appearances (259.43 points divided by 35 = her 7.41 score). If the 35 minimum rule wasn't used and her points were divided by her actual 23 appearances (259.43 divided by 23 = 11.28), she would be ranked #2 in the world. 


  1. Very interesting, Tony. What can be said of the women's game that sums it up? I have no idea. Is this the big reset? Is it the changing of the guard, in parts? Search me, stay tuned I guess.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Tony! Lydia Ko being in the top list seems to be unfair result for some but I think, this is just a consistent ranking.

  3. Most awards are stacked against our American players, so i don't put much stock in anything the LPGA or Rolex says about the quality of the players. When the playing field is level then I will respect their logic. A good example is the rookie of the year award. How is it fair that Asian players can play professional golf for years until their at the top of their game, then come here and win rookie of the year and walk away with a cool million bucks. At the same time our young players coming out of HS or college have to compete with these seasoned players for the rookie of the year award. Once you play professionally, you should never be given a chance at the rookie of the year award. The other example is the Rolex rankings. Only Rolex knows the formula for ranking players, so they can move people at their will, regardless of how they are playing. Add these two to the comedy crew of the Golf Channel, and you have a three way loser. These items hurt the fan base more than anything else.

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